My name is Lawrence Harris and I am  34 regular guy just like you , who wants to help people in this world by contributing a great render of service that in need in my opinion , not enough honest stuff is around these days it’s all filtered with crap, I do know , I am no professional writer myself , but I think we as consumers want honesty , and quantity and not just hype and fancy texts ,and that what I and my team of reviewers provide honest Real Reviews from real consumers such as you and I . If you love saving money, if you love FREE Stuff, if you love honest unbiased recommendations, if you love a newly growing site and helping being a part of that success, then you’re in the right place my friend. Take action and let’s change the world together. Avoid scams and save money, real awesome review site. Please continue to take the time out and learn more by reading more about our mission, and the type of site we are and what you can expect from us.


If you’re looking for a site that stands behind its choices and selections, please keep reading. AVOID SCAMS… Save your money, choose the right products. Hello my name is Lawrence Harris, site owner and webmaster of http://superrealreviews.com/ which is a newly developed, but already fast pace and growing. Through my years of trials and tribulations of losing literally thousands of dollars on products that were just a waste of either my hard earned money ,time, effort , or just the guarantees or results weren’t there , and I found through this time over the years and built many relationships with people all over the world who were experiencing the exact Rip – off type of products , and through that great foundation: only a handful of people wanted to really put an end to SCAMS and save consumers such as you and I tons money and hard times. So I decided to take the next couple years researching, crafting, surveying, collecting data becoming an expert if you will etc. Then I started selecting products and really found something here: everything from BONUS referrals, to getting paid for surveys, to even losing weight. I mean sky’s the limit on the great products and services out there on the web but it’s truly a needle in haystack for the just the average consumer either browsing the web or looking for great deals or ways to increase their profits etc. I value your support in our mission to give and provide honest, detailed that are real reviews that add value to assist with your product selections. Our mission is to help save YOU, the consumer, I, everyone money in their pockets, while giving away as much AWESOME FREE STUFF as we can, FREE yes, everything from EBook, PDF, Giveaways, BONUSES and much much more.



Please note we are new and are constantly adding value and content , every day and would love your support and share the word of what we as a team, You , and I are trying to do and that’s help change the world , and we all have to start somewhere, well this is our start, let’s hear your thoughts and opinions if you have awesome products you have tried and have gotten awesome results note : ( We do examine all proof and evidence of results or success you may have had , we will not take any form of gambling, porn, quick get rich schemes or any unethical or misleading content.) If you an author or an expertise or diet physician or personal health trainer, golfer expert, etc. You can help change our mission as will as share your GREAT thoughts, views, and opinions. Help us Grow. Super Real Reviews is the place to get the latest and best site product reviews.



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