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You can get Back Lucrative here

Here are the outcomes for our 3 month review of Back Lucrative:

Profit/loss: +27 pts (encouraged costs)/ +9 pts (BSP).
Strike Rate:14%.
Bank Growth13%.
Cost: ₤ 7 for very first 30 days then ₤ 32/ month.
Average variety of pointers:5 per day.
You can view full results here.

Back Lucrative Final Review
So we come to the end of our review of Back Lucrative, a horse racing tipster that guarantees to make you “as much as ₤ 1179.50 monthly.”.

So did it deliver us ₤ 1179.50 on a monthly basis?

Back Lucrative Review

Sadly not quite. It made 27 points earnings at encouraged costs over 3 months and 9 points earnings at Betfair SP (BSP), which isn’t bad going but at ₤ 10 per point relates to ₤ 90 each month.

The trial actually began extremely promisingly with over 50 points profit in March, making us believe we might be on to something unique here.


However unfortunately April only handled to break even and May saw a loss of 20 points.

So no disasters overall and any earnings a service handles to make should be welcomed.

Nevertheless, following the service does require a fair bit of work. There are a great deal of suggestions and to back them all at advised rates takes quite a bit of time. You also need to visit to the site instead of having the tips e-mailed to you, which contributes to the time needed.

So general perhaps this one is worth a try– after all it did earn a profit– however having actually made only a 13% development in the bank over 3 months means it doesn’t rather warrant a location on our recommended list.

back-lucrative review

Back Lucrative.

Service Breakdown.
Reduce of use: Quite time-consuming. First you need to log in to the site rather than having the pointers e-mailed to you then there are 5 ideas per day usually, so backing them all at recommended rates takes a while each day.

Schedule of prices: Fairly good– there was an 18 point difference in between encouraged costs and Betfair SP, so not a huge distinction throughout 480 bets and normally you ought to be able to get the recommended rates or near them.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 14% so there will be some long losing runs when using this service.

Encouraged Betting Bank: A 200 point betting bank is advised, which seems sensible and must be more than adequate to cover the drawdowns. According to historic outcomes, they have just had four losing months in just under 2 years, with the worst month being around a 20 point loss.

Subscription costs: The membership costs are fairly reasonable, at ₤ 7 for a 30 day trial, followed by ₤ 24.75 each month if you take the annual membership or ₤ 32 monthly for the quarterly alternative.


Overall this one warrants a neutral ranking. It earned a profit which readies, but with only a 13% bank development and 5.6% ROI over the course of 3 months and with the time involved in following the service, we feel it does not quite warrant a place in our portfolio at the moment.back-lucrative pdf

That is not to state it is unworthy trying, but for us to recommend a system it needs to be of the very highest quality and deliver excellent earnings consistently that could supply a valuable second income.

This service didn’t quite manage that throughout our trial. However, if it might replicate previous outcomes then the ranking might be upgraded, so we will keep an eye on this and update things appropriately.

You can get Back Lucrative here.

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